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The first step in VAT reclaim is an analysis of the possibility of VAT recovery based on documents presented by the client. The VAT reimbursement procedure implies a number of different activities: screening and analysis of available documents, selection of valid documents, direct consultations with the client, creation and submitting of the application, etc. We do not charge any expenses until client reclaim application is approved. In order to obtain VAT recovery, the following documents are needed: original invoices (preferably issued to company name), a certificate of local tax administration that the company is covered by the VAT system and other documents required by tax administrations of countries which are to refund VAT. Serbian companies may obtain refunds from Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Island, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Swiss, UK, Romania and Hungary. Foreign legal entities registered in the following countries are entitled to a refund of Serbian VAT: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Montenegro, Denmark, the Netherlands, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia , United Kingdom, Turkey.


Requests for a refund of foreign VAT in most EU countries and the EX YU Region are submitted no later than 6 months after the previous year. Therefore, the deadline for submitting requests for all invoices from the previous year in most countries is June 30 of the current year. The exception is the United Kingdom, where the fiscal VAT year for clients outside the EU is calculated from July 1 of the current year to June 30 of the current year, which means that for the submission of requests for invoices issued in the period from July 1 of the previous year yes 30. 06. current year - deadline 31. 12. current year

The exception is the Netherlands, where it is possible to submit requests for refund retroactively for the past 5 years.

Some countries allow the successive submission of applications during a calendar year (quarterly or semi-annually), and a smaller number of countries prescribe the submission of applications only after the end of the calendar year.

Needed documents

The documents required for VAT refund vary from country to country

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